Why do people still want to see the Wallace Collection?

The Wallace Collection is a well known collection of art. This one if located in Manchester Square in London, and people could visit it according to the schedule. In 1897 Sir Richard Wallace’s widow decided to donate it, including the sculptures, sketches and furniture items. The collection if the heritance of a great family, and it continues to amaze the world even nowadays. Because it is extremely important to keep it intact, the government from 1897 decided that they should buy the Hertford House and leave the items of the collection in their place. Nowadays people know the residence in the Manchester’s Square as the place where they can admire the Wallace Collection. There are many people, who are fond of museums visiting, painting and sculpturing, but some have different preference – they love games playing. So if you are gambling-lover you can easily amuse yourself dropping into ValleyGames, where you will find a list of the best online casino. But still there a lot of people, who enjoy making art.

Some facts people might not know

It reflects the preferences of the various members of the family, who collected valuable pieces of art as a hobby.

  • The First Marquis of Hertford put the base of the collection, because he purchased souvenirs during his journey in European countries. In the dining room of the residence, people could see six of the oil paintings he purchased, and painted by Canaletto.
  • The Second Marquis had a taste for furniture items made in France, so he added some of his favourite’s to the collection. He also purchased different porcelain items and brought them home.
  • The Third Marquis had the role of a saleroom agent of the Prince of Wales and he added more items to the collection, as the painting the Good Samaritan, of Rembrandt. Worldwide there are only twelve sketches belonging to the painter, professionals consider as being authentic, and the Good Samaritan is part of them.
  • The majority of the items were added by the Fourth Marquis, and the ones that worth to be mentioned are Titus and The Laughing Cavalier by Rembrandt. He added a unique touch to the collection, because he included items from Orient, like the sword of Ranjit Singh.
  • The Fourth Marquis purchased the Hertford House, and he added more items to the collection. His wife decided to donate all the items to England.

A glimpse into the building

The rooms of the residence contain different items of the collection, being categorised according to the period they were added.

  • In the Hall, people could admire the busts of the main of the founders of the collection, Lady Wallace, Sir Richard Wallace, and Richard Seymour Conway. This room preserve its look from the period of Sir Richard Wallace.
  • In the Front State Room, people could find the sketches of Sir Richard and Lady Wallace.
  • The Back State Room exposes the rococo items of the collection. Nowadays the Back State Room is designed to host works of art addressed to personalities as King Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour.
  • In the dining room there are exposed some paintings pertaining to Jean Francois de Troy and some pieces of Houdon and Nattier. The visitors can reach the courtyard through this location.
  • Various furniture items made by Andre-Charles Boulle can be found in the Billiard Room