Measuring YouTube Promotion Wisely

Creating a high quality video and posting it on YouTube is just a part of a global mission to conquer. The rookies of YouTube promotion typically puzzle their heads with the question of how to determine the level of success achieved due to this or that video.

The first key to measuring success lies in the definition of a kind of reaction you want to get. Do you upload a piece of video to drive sales, increase online traffic or maybe enhance your customer service? Here’s a bunch of tips from HTP, digital marketing agency Manchester rocking the local market since 2001. So here we go:

  • If your goal is to generate sales, monitor the sales level. Attach the link to your website video (ideally, a special landing page) or phone number and create promotional codes to simplify the tracking process.
  • If your goal is about increasing online traffic, monitor the number of page views and unique visitors before and after releasing a video on YouTube. Use analytical tools to identify the amount of YouTube traffic.
  • If your goal is to strengthen the brand, then you will need to conduct a market research and compare the reaction of customers to your brand before and after the campaign on YouTube.
  • If your goal is to reduce support costs consumers, measure the number of support requests before and after uploading videos.

Unfortunately, the YouTube marketing newcomers tend to track the number of views only. Surprisingly for many, the guys at HTP, digital marketing Manchester agency famous for successful governmental and innovative business projects, even consider the indicator to be relatively useless. The fact that your video is popular does not mean that your goals are met. Getting millions of views is good news, though it may generate zero sales or affect the volume of support requests in no way. Entertaining the audience via YouTube is one mission, while generating sales or increase brand awareness is a totally different job.

Making Use Of YouTube Annotations

Annotations are designed for adding additional information to the video on YouTube. Here are just a few insights revealing how professionals work (the example of HTP, a digital marketing agency famous for its industrial and innovative projects promotion campaigns, is considered).

  1. Indicate some extra facts dedicated to the topic to provide comprehensive info on the aspect covered.
  2. Refine your ‘how to’ videos: instead of posting ‘Step 1, connect the valve with the cable’, you can give a more detailed text annotation. Educate the viewer, divide the annotation into logical sections in accordance with the video published. If you are shooting a cooking session, feel free to break down the list of ingredients needed for each step.
  3. Add catchy, but not the essential information. If you manage to catch the fancy of a surfer, it is highly likely he will land at your video page.
  4. Add a link to the next movie in the series. If you have a lengthy ‘how to’ video, consider the option of splitting it into parts; post the hyperlinks straight in the video to minimise confusion and bounce rate.
  5. Post a link to the related video. If you have a video, which contains useful information that supplements the current movie, share the link to it.
  6. Post a link to your channel; thus you may gain another subscriber.
  7. Leave your contact information (phone number, website address, email – anything you use regularly will do). The viewers may want to get in touch with you – do not deprive them of such opportunity.

Of course, YouTube promotion is also about experiments – feel free to test new methods and approaches. Just keep on creating and inventing – the results will definitely come.